Thursday, January 05, 2006

Love & Light

Would you like a live-in psychic? You can have a personal on call psychic that you hire out by the month, or like some of the celebrities and many successful business people hire one to live with them while they make decisions about scripts, love life, money, travel, etc...Our traveling, live-in psychic is Psychic Nicole! THIS IS THE NEW CELEBRITY TREND!

We bring you psychics that have proven their gifts in person or online with accurate, detailed information. Scroll down to view our featured psychics.
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Directions: Click on a psychic's name or image to send them a message. For those psychics who give live readings please let them know if you have yahoo messenger, or AOL/AIM instant messenger.

Prices vary depending on who you consult and the services offered. Please check with the Free Will Psychic of your choice for information on costs. For your convenience we have set up payment via PayPal.

For entertainment purposes only.

Love & Light

Do you know that most celebrities go to psychics?

Yes, they do. They have admitted that they do not make a move without first consulting their spiritual advisors. The reason for this is that an excellent psychic will know what road you need to go on to accomplish your goals!

Are you looking for money, fame, love, what connections do you need to have, where will you meet the connection. What do you need to do to get from where you are to where you want to be.

We have psychic here that can answer that for you. We have been very successful in telling the future. That is why we have no need to lure you in with special deals, we are the real deal. Try us out. Get a clear reading on your future. For entertainment purposes only.

Love & Light.


Spells are the fun part of creating what you want out of life. They are not
the obscureor occult kind which movies make them out to be. We here at Free
Will Psychics do not intend to do harm onto others by placing "curses" on
people; we do believe that the energies one releases out, onto others or into
the Universe comes back. Some people call it Karma -- what you give
out, good or bad, comes back. And similarly, the Golden Rule: "Do onto others,
as you want done on to you."

Here is a brief discription on how Spells work -- it is concentrated energy.
When we spend half an hour performing a spell, all our energies are focused on
something. We are exerting that energy to work on what is being asked for.
When the spell is done, we let it go and this keeps us from getting in the
way of it (through self-sabotaging behavior). One's energy is what makes the
spell work.

How to cast a spell: You don't need a manual or a set of rules. Many people,
however, do things better by reading; some are better with hands-on
experiences. If you are a hands-on type of person, simply pick the things you
like. Example: For a money spell. Money is green so you might like green
candles, and green or clear stone, the smell of sage or rosemary and special
oil. While thinking of what you want, put oil on the candle, roll the candle
in the herb of your choice, light it, place herbs and stones around it. Have
water, fire, earth and air for balance. Continue to meditate on your desire(s)
until you have satisfied the session.

Many psychics perform this in the name of GOD and GODDESS. Because we come
from male and female, God and Goddess are considered the male and female
aspects of GOD. We do this for balance and wholeness. Yes we do believe in God
and the purity of Love. Please consult one of our psychics who specializes in
spells if you desire to have one cast for you.

Angel Eyes On Soul Mates

A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, he She asked him if he would want to be with her forever..and he said no. She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry? and once again he replied with a no. She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said... Your not pretty, your beautiful, i dont want to be with you forever, i NEED to be with you forever, and i wouldnt cry if you walked away...i'd die...

You are looking for a soulmate relationship, right? Someone who can love you, for you--unconditionally--right? Someone who, instead of giving up can give into, right?

A soul mate is anyone you have made an agreement love and flow with their energy. It can be anyone, it is your choice. The longest lasting and most positive soul mate relationships are the friends turned lovers. They have made their love work and keep it solid. There is a foundation to grow on and more to come in these relationships.

What does that tell us...? That patience is a virtue, and it is important for us, no matter how much we hate the P-word.

What are you willing to do to find your soul mate?

I hope this part is important to you! What are you willing to do...? Well, the first thing is loving yourself--you set the example. You set the tone as to how people will treat you in your relationships, by how you treat yourself.

You must have most of the qualities you are asking for in a mate! The ones you don't have, devote to changing. Ask yourself hard questions, but answer them with love.

#1. Do I like to argue and fight? If there was no arguing
or fighting in my relationship, what would I do?

#2. If I want my partner to be honest, can I be honest as
well? (That means NO faking orgasms ladies!!!) Be honest.

#3. Am I willing to speak up and say how I feel even when I
am scared? Am I willing to feel the fear and do it anyway?


This is the page where you can have fun and visit other sites about angels, miracles, the parnormal and healing. Our psychics are always growing in enlightenment, so they would like to share books, titles, links, and maybe even some stories with you. Scroll down for links.

Also feel free to ask our psychics questions such as: How did you learn to become a reader? How do you do your readings? We will answer those question right here on the website.

Recommended sites and books from Angel Eyes:

Books: "Secret Language of Signs" "Doreen Virtue's "Earth Angels" and "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay.

Recommended by April Jewel for your free horoscope.

Love & Light

Predictions made by September 18th 2003

Janet Stars Predicts
World and Health
The U.S. will have sudden new positive and powerful bond with another country. It will begin November 23, 2003.
The Pharmaceuticals will undergo a radical new way of providing
medicine to those with the greatest needs beginning November 8th, 2003 this will continue into the next seven years.
Major discoveries about the oceans throughout the world and changes that must take place to protect that environment.
People have been the greedy predators of the bounty of our seas.
This world can suffer great losses, if no effort is made to correct this serious problem.
After September 27th men will behave with more compassion and
the war will take a more humanitarian turn for the better.
The next 12 months will be an opportunity to reorganize the home, office and become much more efficient. We will want to take better care of our health, by eating well and making our food our medicine and simply walking everyday to improve the body.
President Bush will need to watch out for a sudden change in his health, late this November 2003. He will need to change the way he handles his daily activities.

Angel Eyes Predicts
Celebrity and World Events

Christopher Reeves will walk again. He will experiment with a new "mind over matter" treatment in 2004.
Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt Split before they have children in 2004. It may not go public for a while.
Secret split ups in 2004 Julia Roberts also Cruise and Cruz, Tom and Penelope will split because of Tom's lack of commitment. They are both on the right track for their own spiritual awaking, but their awaking is not to happen together.
Ben Affleck will have reports of dating more than one married woman. The question is will it be true?
More tabloid stories Brad Pit cheats. Will that be the cause of the split up?
Health problems for Regis.
Pamela Anderson breast implants removed again. She and kid rock split up.
Freddie Prinze Jr. another blockbuster movie in the works for him. Will it be Scooby Doo 2?
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutchner are going to end it, but they will remain good friends and still be seen in the tabloids together.
Negative Predictions that can be changed…
1. I see some celebrities dying from a broking heart, that presents it self in a heart condition such as heart attacks. Mend the wounds of hate, pain and past hurts now.

2. I see Keanu Reeves in a car accident. We will send energy for him to be careful on the road.

3. Terrorist attack US in the next 2 months. I was not sure how until another psychic filled in that piece. So read further down. We can prevent this with thoughts of love around the earth.

4. Films being made in Canada will slow down until 2 really big films are made there. Then Canada will be the new Hollywood.

Moon Goddess Predicts

World News and Celebrity
Terrorist attack in the US by boat, before “New Years.” We can stop this by taking more precautions in the water.
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutchner are going to end in December
Kid Rock is going to over dose, but I don’t think it will be publicized. He will survive.
Jennifer Garner must beware of stunts involving two vehicles that collide together and the one she is in explodes. She should take extra care to watch how everything is set up and to also beware of any stunts involving cars.

April Jewel Predicts

Celebrity and Trends

An unlikely couple Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie.
Canada will become the place to do most movies in 2004.
New Zealand will become another hot spot for movies in 2004, as fewer movies will be done in LA.
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis get back together.
Major block buster movies will come out about full figured females.