Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Three Generations

No final solutions
The old woman rocks on her chairIn the distance children run, not her ownShe smiles at the birds in flight
Three generations, she has seenYet, in many ways, she knows she is still like those children
But now, she knowsBest friends may betray you,You just have to accept that they did, and move on
Still a toddler, but now she knowsNo need to go to,Jerusalem, Mecca or LourdesGod is equally everywhere
Still a little girl, but now she knows,There is no end to evil and no end to the fight to stop it.
Still a teenager, but now she knows,The only way to live is to follow your dreams
Still a young mother, but now she knowsLike the ants, you must rely on yourself
Still the divorcee, now she knowsNothing is impossible, if you have faith
Proud cancer survivor, but now she knowsTo enjoy every single moment
Lonely mother, but now she knowsIf you love someone, set them free
Flawed woman, but now she knowsEven lovely damsels, must fight their own fight
Woman alone, but now,She enjoys the company she keeps
Should she tell themIsn’t finding out, all the fun?Old woman, but she still remembersHow she never listenedAnd she smiles
What a wonderful journeyPlastic surgery, her eternal mind, does not need.