Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A social life?

I've complained about not having a social life. And now I have one. Kind of.Tonight we're supposed to go to a party with all the snowmobilers (and their spouses or, as the invitation states, "the significant others who let us go snowmobiling.") These are the guys Rainman goes with on their annual snowmobile trip up north. His dad is one of them.Rainman is the youngest of this group. The rest of them are Rainman's dad's age and up. Rainman assures me it'll be fun but I can't help thinking I'll be sitting around listening to a lot of old farts talking about their snowmobile exploits. Yeah. Sounds like a lot of fun.I'd forgotten about the trip until I looked at the calendar last night shortly after Rainman arrived home from work. "Oh no," I groaned. "That party is tomorrow night. I better charge my iPod."I suppose it would be rude to wear my iPod at the party. I'm just bringing it in case the snowmobile talk gets too tiresome. (Which means I'll probably be turning it on five minutes after we arrive.)